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The earliest mention of a church, possibly, in Mazières-sur-Béronne dates from the second half of the 10th century.
Around 966 or 967, Kadelo (II), viscount of Aunis, his wife Arsendis and his brother (viscount?) Eble, gave the monks of the abbey of Saint-Cyprien de Poitiers in the viceroyalty of Brioux, "in villa Maceriolas", that is to say in the cultivated land of 'Maceriolas', their allod with the church and all that they possessed there (REDET, p. 286)

The "Grand Gauthier", the oldest pouillé of the diocese, dated from the beginning of the 14th century, tells us that the Archiprêtré of Melle, which included about 80 parishes under the 'Ancien Régime', was annexed to the Cure which was appointed by the bishop of Poitiers (BEAUCHET-FILLEAU, Pouillé ... p. 309).